E-news, Jan. 26 2018

Annual dojo winter party

Our annual winter party will be held at Aubrie’s home on Sat., Feb. 3. It is a short drive from the dojo. The details have been emailed to members and are posted in the dojo. There is also a signup sheet for the potluck in the dojo (reminder – no pork dishes). All members including kids, as well as family and friends, are invited. Hope you can attend… It should be a nice break during the February winter doldrums! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you need a ride to Aubrie’s.

2018 schedule

The February schedule will be posted soon. A few things to look for:

Thursday practices will now consist of one, 1.5-hour class starting at 7 PM. Yumi-sensei and Tom-sensei will alternate in teaching it. If you have a scheduling problem, e.g. will arrive late or have to leave early, let us know.

Tuesdays will continue as two one-hour classes. Since we have a number of senior tests coming up this year, the second class will be a test-practice class. Yudansha test candidates are expected to attend, and others may attend with the permission of the instructor. While some attention will be paid to theory and the details of technique, the main purpose of this class is for test candidates to develop a higher level of practice, improving body movement, speed and fluidity and building stamina.

Saturdays: We will switch to jo (short staff) practice in February, starting with the basics. If you are interested in jo, this would be a good time to start. You must bringyour own jo… we have some for sale.


Clyde Takeguchi-shihan is teaching a seminar this weekend at Aikido Shugyo downtown. He is an excellent teacher and we encourage you to consider attending. While we will hold classes as usual that weekend, there are classes Sunday morning downtown that don’t conflict with our schedule.

More information is becoming available about this year’s annual summer camp in Calgary, to be led by Osawa-shihan. Here is a message from Dan Jones-sensei, one of the organizers:

“On behalf of the Calgary area CAF Dojos I would like to invite all of you to the 2018 CAF Summer Camp in Calgary with Osawa Shihan. The camp will run from Saturday June 23 to Friday June 29, 2018. Our venue will be at The University of Calgary. We have secured block bookings until May 22, 2018 with the combined resources of ‘Summer Residence’ at the University as well as with their on-site ‘Hotel Alma’ to accommodate different budgets. We are confirming arrangements and 2018 costs with the University and will post registration and further information on the CAF website shortly. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Steve Erickson or Dan Jones.”

We strongly encourage all students to attend if possible. There will be opportunities for yudansha testing.

The CAF fall seminar to be taught by Osawa-shihan will be held over a weekend  in Toronto in the Sept.-Oct. time frame. We will keep you updated. There will be opportunities for yudansha testing at this event. We encourage you in the strongest possible terms to attend, and as a sponsor of this seminar, we will be looking for help from our members to organize and manage it.

Students considering testing at either the summer camp or the fall seminar should confirm this with Jim.

Kids’ classes

We had a situation recently where an instructor and a child member were alone in the dojo at the start of class. Strictly for reasons of liability, class will not start unless there are at least three people in the dojo. If you drop your kid off for class and nobody else besides the instructor is present, please wait in the lounge at least until another student, parent or instructor arrives. Thanks for your attention to this.