E-news, Nov. 20 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported the CAF Examination Committee seminar Nov. 18-19. And a very special thanks to Yumi Nakamura-sensei, who puts much more work into these events than anyone realizes.

We had a great practice and a chance to renew acquaintanceships with some old Aikido friends.

Congratulations to Arunas, who had a successful grading for shodan!

And our appreciation goes to to several Hokuryukai yudansha, who took ukemi in support of some of the test candidates – including those from other dojos.

I took a few snapshots while waiting to take the group photo. They are on Flickr.

Hold the dates: tentative dates are available for Osawa-sensei’s summer camp in Calgary this year…  June 23 to June 29. We will confirm as soon as possible and supply additional information once it is available.


Jim Barnes
Aikido Hokuryukai