April 19 e-news

To all members and friends of Aikido Hokuryukai:

There are no classes this Easter long weekend, from Good Friday (today) until after Easter Monday (the April schedule is online). Enjoy the holiday and the time with your family and friends!

Next weekend is the Canadian Aikido Federation Examination Committee seminar at JCCC Aikikai in Don Mills. More info is online.

We are a co-sponsor of this seminar. It will be the site of senior testing for Ontario dojos and three of our members plan to take black belt tests. Please show up, train (at least for some of the classes), and show your support! All classes at our dojo are cancelled next weekend… See you at the seminar!

At this seminar, Kids 12 and under may take the 10 AM class on Saturday and the 12:20 class on Sunday at no charge. Parents must sign a waiver and be present at the dojo during these classes for the child to participate.

Kids 13 and older can join the seminar at the “Student” rate and attend any classes they wish.

As previously mentioned, Tuesday kids’ classes have been suspended until further notice.

Summer camp in Victoria, BC is coming up in June. It is an opportunity for great practice under Osawa-shihan’s leadership and a pleasant vacation in a beautiful city. We recommend that all members join in if possible. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. More info can be found online.

On Sunday, May 5, testing will be conducted in the kids’ class. At that time, we hope to make videos of the tests and the practice for the sole purpose of promoting the kids’ class on our website. None of the children will be identifiable in the video, unless otherwise noted and permission obtained.

With parents’ permission, we may be asking some of the kids and parents to speak on camera about Aikido practice. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated, though of course you are free to decline to participate.