EC seminar news

April 2019 Exam Committee seminar group.

The Canadian Aikido Federation Examination Committee seminar, held this weekend at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, was a big success. Our dojo was a co-organizer, along with Aikido Tendokai and J.C.C.C. Aikikai. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping.

Instruction was provided by four Exam Committee members — Yumi Nakamura (committee chair), George Hewson, Alex Loo and Jim Barnes.

As well, three new Ontario active shidoin taught classes — John Foster, Adrian Iliescu and Ben Peacock. The EC is encouraging the Ontario Aikido community to work more closely with these senior instructors.

Three of our members took tests and were successful — Eduard Pelikh and Moises Rincon (nidan) and Vadim Potanin (yondan). Their hard work in the dojo paid off!

Thanks to their ukes for enabling them to show their skills to advantage. They were Tom Lindsey, Igor Sitartchouk, Vadim Katcherovski, Arunas Tamkevicius.

We are tentatively planning to go out after class on Thursday to celebrate these accomplishments. Please join us if you can. Stay posted!

Friends from other dojos were also successful in their tests… Ayumi Mito (Aikido Shugyo Dojo), Christine Nguyen (Aikido Tendokai)
and Unit Nazem Simsek (J.C.C.C. Aikikai). George Chan (Aikido Shugyo Dojo) was successful in the sandan test.

Photos will be posted to Flickr soon.