May 1 e-news

Many thanks to all who participated in and helped with the CAF Examination Committee seminar at J.C.C.C. on the weekend. It was a very well-attended and enjoyable event. Three of our students took successful tests – Vadim Potanin (yondan), Moises Rincon (nidan) and Eduard Pelikhn (nidan). Congratulations!

Some pictures from the seminar are on Flickr.

To celebrate this accomplishment, we will go to Boston Pizza after class on May 2 (to give the test candidates a chance to buy the traditional drinks to thank their ukes!) All are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Reminder: There will be no classes on the Victoria Day long weekend, May 18-20. Enjoy the break with your friends and families! The May schedule is now online.

On Sunday, May 5, testing will be conducted in the kids’ class. At that time, we hope to make videos of the tests and the practice for the sole purpose of promoting the kids’ class on our website. None of the children will be identifiable in the video, unless otherwise noted and permission obtained.

With parents’ permission, we may be asking some of the kids and parents to speak on camera about Aikido practice. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated, though of course you are free to decline to participate.

A quick reminder about summer camp, June 22-28 in Victoria, B.C. Osawa-shihan, the CAF Technical Director from Japan, will be teaching and it will be an excellent opportunity for high-level instruction and great practice, as well as some vacation time in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.
More info is available here.