May 29 e-news

Greetings to all members and friends of Aikido Hokuryukai! Some items to note:

Thursday schedule change: The water will most likely be shut off in the building by the landlord on Thursday night to facilitate plumbing repairs (we just found out about this). That means there will be NO WATER in the showers, sinks or toilets that evening.
Please make sure you are prepared for this when you arrive at the dojo. Under these circumstances, we will be shortening the class to one hour, from 7 to 8 PM. (This might not be too disappointing for Raptors fans!)

Kids’ class tests: Congratulations to our most recent successful test candidates in the kids’ class! They are:

  • Daniel Mohammadi – Yellow belt, 8th kyu.
  • Lee Pasikatan – Red belt, 6th kyu
  • Victoria Katcherovski – Red belt, 6th kyu

Seminar Saturday: This is a reminder about the Kawahara-shihan memorial seminar downtown on Saturday morning. There will be no adult classes in the dojo on Saturday, but the kids’ class will be held as usual. The Sunday schedule is as usual.
The seminar is $25, cash only, and registration opens at 10 AM. Please try to take at least some of the classes.

CAF Summer Camp: Summer camp, to be taught by Osawa-shihan in Victoria, BC is coming up… it is not too late to register!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Jim Barnes
Aikido Hokuryukai