Adults’ Classes

Adults’ classes offer many benefits, including fitness, self-defense, the enjoyment of mastering complex physical art and developing a sense of harmony with others.

Beginners’ classes are held Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. See our schedule for more details.

Adult class practice

The Beginner’s Package is a cost-effective way to begin Aikido practice. It includes three months’ practice, membership in the Canadian Aikido Federation and a gi (uniform). See the fees page for more information.

More advanced students learn to practice in a dynamic way. Classes in the use of Aikido weapons – the jo (short staff) and bokken (practice sword) – are also held.

Aikido for Women

Aikido is a good fit for female martial artists. Many have enjoyed substantial careers in Aikido — our senior instructor, Yumi Nakamura-shihan, is the highest-ranked female in Canada and a Shihan (master instructor).
Since Aikido depends on speed, agility, balance and technique, raw physical strength is not a factor. As well, there are no tournaments or competitions, emphasizing instead the development of technique through mutual support.
Machiko Okano (from our brother dojo Aikido Tendokai) demonstrates black-belt practice at her recent test

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