Check out these links for more information about Aikido and the Aikido community.

Related dojos

Aikido Tendokai is Yumi Nakamura-sensei’s dojo downtown (Queen and Jarvis area). Our two dojos enjoy close ties and students from one can train at the other.


The Ontario Aikido Federation is an association of Aikido dojos across the province. It is a good source of information on the location of member clubs and upcoming, local seminars and events.

The Canadian Aikido Federation is the national association of Aikido dojos in Canada. It is a good source for instructors in accessing information needed to administer a club, as well as information on dojo locations nationally and upcoming events and seminars.

Hombu dojo in Japan is the headquarters dojo for Aikido internationally.

Other important links

The United States Aikido Federation is the national organization for Aikido in the United States, and our members are welcome to attend their seminars.

Sources of information

Aikido Online is dedicated to spreading the teachings of the North American Shihankai, one of the most prominent groups of senior Aikido shihan (master instructors) in the world.

USAF Aikido News is the newsletter of the USAF Eastern Region and is a good source of articles and information. Yamada-Shihan often contributes his views here.

Aikido Journal is an independent publication with a long history. It is a very good source of information on all aspects of Aikido, especially its history.

Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia,  contains a detailed, third-party entry about Aikido.

Aikiweb contains many articles and databases of general interest to Aikido students.