Seminars and camps
Attending seminars and camps is a great way to expand your Aikido horizons.
Students should make a special effort to attend seminars in the Toronto area.

If you have any questions about these events, contact Jim or Yumi.


January 3: New Year’s class, in the dojo 7-8 PM, to be followed by a short reception.

January 26-27: Seminar with Clyde Takeguchi shihan hosted by  Aikido Shugyo Dojo, Toronto. (Classes will be held as usual in our dojo that weekend,) Contact them for more information.

April 27-28: Tentative dates for CAF Examination Committee seminar at JCCC, Don Mills. Instructors will be EC members. Senior tests will be held at this event. More information will be available soon.

June 22-28:  Osawa-shihan to teach CAF Summer Camp, Victoria BC. More information should be available soon.

October 18-20: Osawa-shihan to teach a weekend seminar in Quebec City. More information should be available soon.