Seminars and camps
Attending seminars and camps is a great way to expand your Aikido horizons.
Students should make a special effort to attend seminars in the Toronto area.

If you have any questions about these events, contact Jim or Yumi.

September 15-16: Aikido Seminar with Waka-Sensei (Mitsuteru Ueshiba, a senior instructor at Hombu Dojo and great-grandson of O-sensei) and Yamada-Sensei 8th dan, Aikido de la Montagne, Montreal.

September 30: Please join us after class to celebrate Yumi-sensei’s birthday. More details to follow.

October 19-21: Osawa-shihan in Toronto for a weekend seminar! We are sponsors of this event, so make every effort to attend at least part of the seminar. Please note that all classes at our dojo are cancelled this weekend, Friday through Sunday. More information is online.