Getting Started

This page can be an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about Aikido, find out why different people chose to practice this martial art and sign up for our try-it-yourself class.

See if Aikido is right for you

We make it easy for beginners to get a taste of Aikido.

First, we encourage everyone to take a free trial class of one hour, to see whether Aikido is something they would like to pursue. You don’t even need a gi (uniform). Just wear some loose clothes and bring some slippers to wear in the dojo.
Please let us know beforehand that you would like to take a trial class.

Special beginners’ discount

The adult beginner’s package gives you everything you need to start your training. At a discounted cost, it includes a gi (uniform), three months’ practice and annual membership in the Canadian Aikido Federation. All you need to supply yourself is a pair of sandals or slippers to wear in the dojo!

Kids’ classes

If you are interested in the kids’ classes, we encourage your child (aged six to 13) to take a free, one-hour trial class. Please let us know in advance  if you want your child to try a class.

More questions? Contact us!