Temporary pandemic schedule

During the modified Stage Two pandemic restrictions, our schedule will be as follows:

Saturdays: Park practice. We’re going to move the class to 3 PM, since that seems to be convenient for everyone and it should be warmer by then. If the weather does not permit it, we will have a Zoom class indoors. I’ll advise you that day. https://aikidoclub.ca/training-in-the-park/

Mondays — canceled for the time being,  unless you hear otherwise.

Thursdays — Zoom class at 6 PM. If the weather prediction is good enough, we will try to have a jo practice outdoors. If the weather does not cooperate, we will have an unarmed class indoors at 7 PM. I will advise.

Tuesdays — back to the old schedule. Zoom class at 6 PM. This will be a bokken class, unless the weather is bad enough to force us indoors. In that case, it will be an unarmed class at 7 PM. I’ll try to confirm this early on.

Please contact us with any questions at 416.465-2823 or aikidoclubmail@gmail.com.