Hombu New Year’s promotions

We were honoured to see two of our members named in the Hombu New Year’s promotions list… Aubrie Appel and Pascal Dennis, both promoted to nidan (2nd degree black belt). Congratulations!

Sincere congratulations also go to Rob Carroll of Aikido Tendokai (our sister dojo downtown) on his promotion to rokudan (6th degree).

Other friends and colleagues promoted to rokudan included David Yates (Kanata), Hillary Dawson (Victoria), Marcel Lavigne (Montreal) and Steve Erickson (Calgary).

We were also very pleased to see several other Canadian Aikido Federation promotions: yondan (4th degree): Nan Yien Chin, Masaru Matsubara and David Bursey; sandan (3d degree): Chris Rosenquist; nidan: Theresa Wojtasiewicz and Ed Wass; and shodan (1st degree): Lorraine Schubert and Diane Smeltzer. Congratulations to all!