Stage Three Training

We are now doing group practice in G. Ross Lord park, normally on Saturdays at 10 AM (weather permitting). We have been shut down since March 15, which means there was a 3.5-month extension to your dues status, and dues will now proceed as normal starting July 1. Your dues status will be indicated on the attendance sheet.

We will need the funds to support our reopening in a new dojo facility later. Any support you can give the dojo would be appreciated. I have heard that in some dojos, members are voluntarily waiving the suspension in dues to support the clubs. If you wish to offer support of any kind, please contact me privately – no pressure.

Here is a tentative plan for the social-distancing precautions we will observe. We will follow all relevant health precautions recommended by the medical authorities.

The classes will be weapons-only and will only be held outdoors, weather permitting. Under the Stage Three restrictions, we can accommodate any member who wants to come. If you are able to come, please do.

Please ask yourself these questions each time before you come to class.

• Do you have any symptoms, such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing?

• Have you been in contact with anyone that you reasonably think might have coronavirus — for example, showing symptoms?

• Have you been anywhere where transmission is likely — a crowded bar, office, store, social gathering, or park etc. where social distancing protocols were not being followed?

• Have you travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, or been in close contact with someone who has?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” do not attend class. Please get tested for the virus. Otherwise, limit yourself to Zoom classes for a 14-day period. I am counting on everyone to help protect each other.

Class precautions:

• We will be doing weapons training only, outdoors. Just before class, wipe your weapons with disinfectant and use sanitizer on your hands. These will be provided. Do not share weapons with another student.

• Wear a mask, especially when actually practicing with a partner or breathing heavily. If you don’t have one, some will be available. If you find that the mask is affecting your breathing, step away from the group, remove it and catch your breath. Then, resume practice.

• Do not touch anyone during class.

• Practice in a “bubble” when working with a partner — keep the same partner for the whole class, and if possible for subsequent classes.

This may sound like excessive caution, but I sincerely don’t want any member to get sick or for us to be shut down by the authorities for failing to follow the rules. I am certain that if we all follow this system, we will all stay safe and enjoy practice.

If a class attendee does test positive, we will go back to Zoom classes for 14 days.

More details will be available shortly. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!