Training in the park

Until further notice, we will be meeting at G. Ross Lord park twice a week, on Saturdays at 10 AM and Mondays at 7 PM, for group practice. Bring both jo and bokken.

This can be adjusted as we see how it goes. If anyone shows any signs of illness, we will go back to all-Zoom meetings immediately, pending diagnosis.

Here’s a Google map of the rendezvous point.

Drive into G. Ross Lord park (NE corner, Dufferin & Finch) from the western entrance opposite Coppas Market from Supertest Rd. Drive about 500 m. to the second large parking lot (there is a big square building near the end of that lot that contains washrooms).

You will see this sign at the entrance to the right parking lot.


We’ll meet on the grounds just past the eastern edge of the parking lot at about 9:45 AM. If you can’t find us, call my cell (416.464-8479) before 10 AM.

Here’s the protocol for our Stage Two practice:

Bring both jo and bokken. You can wear casual clothing — gis are optional. (I’ll wear my gi.) You can change in the washroom nearby. Bring water and sunscreen.