Aikido for women

One of our long-time female members, Natalia Vorsyna, offered some insight on what she gets out of Aikido practice…

“When I started practicing Aikido, I was looking for an interesting alternative to the boring gym routine and for an appropriate way for a female to learn some self-defense skills.

I think I’m getting much more than that. In addition to being a great, well-balanced physical activity, Aikido teaches me to be more self-confident, flexible, calm and relaxed. It is a good way to learn how to stay focused and present in any situation.

Even if I never have to use the self-defense skills I’m getting here, Aikido tactics are a great way to resolve any non-physical conflicts in our lives.

Besides, it’s always fun and it puts me in good mood – no matter what it was before I entered the dojo!”

– Natalia Vorsyna