Dec. 15, 2019 e-news

December schedule

The holiday season is almost here. The dojo will close around the Christmas and New Year holidays, so members can spend time with their families and friends. We wish everyone a happy and relaxed holiday!

The schedule is online.

The following classes are cancelled and the dojo closed:

  • Monday, Dec. 23
  • Tuesday, Dec. 24
  • Thursday, Dec. 26
  • Monday, Dec. 30
  • Tuesday, Dec. 31

New Year’s practice

We will have a one-hour New Year’s class starting at 7 PM on Thursday, Jan. 2. This is a special class in the Aikido tradition, helping to start the year’s training in an energetic and positive way.

Beginning at 8:00, we will have a short reception with some drinks and snacks provided by the dojo. It will be great to see everyone at this class and celebrate the start of another year.

Winter Party

We usually have our annual winter party in January, after all the other holiday festivities have concluded. If you are willing to make space available for this event, please let me know as soon as possible, together with some possible dates that work for you. We are thinking in terms of mid- to late-January.

December dues

Yumi and Jim will be away for a few days, returning on Sat. Dec. 28. If your dues are due in December (as shown on the attendance sheet in the dojo), please pay them ASAP to Tom- or Vadim-sensei, or on Dec. 28 to Jim.

Toronto seminar

On Saturday, Jan. 25: Clyde Takeguchi-shihan, 7th Dan USAF, will teach a seminar at Aikido Shugyo Dojo in Toronto. Our students are welcome to attend. However, we will have classes in our dojo as usual on that day.

Black belt testing

For senior students interested in black-belt testing, there is a brief list of our expectations on the website. We don’t intend this to be discouraging at all, but senior tests have to be taken very seriously. You can do it!

Snow days

A final reminder… Winter weather can be unpredictable. If there is an advisory that driving is particularly dangers and to be avoided due to weather conditions, classes will be cancelled.

If possible, we will send out an email to advise everyone and post the news on the dojo website.