July 2, 2019 e-news

Three members of Aikido Hokuryukai – Yumi, Vadim K. and I – went to CAF Aikido Summer Camp in Victoria in July. It was a fantastic and demanding training experience under Osawa-sensei, and over too quickly.

Ted Yoshioka, who visits our dojo from time to time, was also there for the camp.

We also saw several of our friends from Aikido Tendokai, Yumi’s dojo downtown, at the camp. Congratulations in particular go to Machiko Okano, who passed her nidan test, along with other successful test candidates from across Canada.

Other Ontario students were present as well, including members of the Shugyo, Seishinkai, Kensankai, East Toronto, and J.C.C.C. dojos. Aikidoka from across Canada, including Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta were all on the mat, along with students from Australia, the US and Italy.

Osawa-sensei’s next seminar will be in Quebec City October 18-20. We strongly recommend attending this training opportunity if possible.

Some photos from the event are on Jim’s Flickr page.

Reminder: the annual Dojo Barbecue is coming up July 20 in Vaughan. The info is in the dojo. We hope to see everyone there!

Kyu testing: will be held the next day, July 21 in the dojo. See Jim or Yumi if you have the required training time and are interested in testing at this time.

(The tentative schedule for July is online now… to be confirmed shortly.)