Normally, students should arrive at the dojo in time to change into their gis and be sitting on the mat, in line, a minimum of five minutes before class starts.

That has become problem in our dojo recently. People are making a good effort to come on time, but the combination of road construction and rush-hour gridlock on the streets near the dojo is sometimes making it impossible.

  • Whenever you do arrive, please join the class without delay.
  • Wait at the doorway to the practice area for the instructor to acknowledge you and wave you onto the tatami. (Expect this during the warm-up or during practice – i.e., not during the demonstrations).
  • Step on the mat and perform a seated bow to the Shomen (portrait of O-sensei at the front of the dojo). Then, do your own quick warm-up, away from the students who are practicing.

If the scheduled instructor is late, the most senior black belt present should start the warm up promptly at the scheduled time.

If the scheduled instructor still has not arrived after a 15-min. warm-up, the black belt who led the warm-up should start to teach the class, and hand it over to the scheduled instructor when he/she arrives.

If all the black belts are late and the door is still locked when you get there, please be patient. Someone will be along to unlock eventually!