Nov. 1, 2019 e-news

Greetings to members and friends of Aikido Hokuryukai. Here are a few items of interest regarding the dojo.

This weekend is the time change. You should set your clocks back on Saturday night by one hour. See

Remember to attend the CAF Examination Committee seminar at JCCC Aikikai on Saturday, November 23. The details are at It’s particularly important to go if you have any interest in senior testing. Adult classes at our dojo will be cancelled that day.

The November schedule is online. There are no major changes, though the Tuesday night schedule has been changed from two, one-hour classes to one, hour-and-a-half class.  As mentioned, adult classes on November 23 are cancelled due to the EC seminar.

The Quebec seminar a couple of weekends ago was a fantastic experience. Congratulations to Ramunas and Jennifer from Aikido Tendokai on strong shodan tests!  For more, see

We had an opportunity to visit friends at Midwest Aikido Centre in Chicago last weekend. It’s an amazing dojo – there’s a post about it on the website:

It is not too early to start planning for the CAF summer camp in Halifax in June next year. It will feature a week of training under our technical director, Osawa-shihan, in a beautiful city that is well-known as a tourist attraction!

Please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions.


Jim Barnes