A note on COVID-19 from the CAF

CAF COVID-19 Advisory – March 16, 2020

Thank you to the many Dojo Chos and Aikido participants who have been diligently providing the Board with updates on their perspectives of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our CAF family is a paramount responsibility of the CAF Board.

With all of your input, the Board has been monitoring the spread ofthe virus since it was declared a pandemic. We have had some specific conversations with various dojos about the situation. Everyone has been responding to their local conditions with care and diligence.

There is an abundance of information about the pandemic in the media. Each dojo has municipal, provincial, national and international information and recommendations available to them. The CAF Board has been following the Health Canada website closely. Here are the links:• Government of Canada – Santé-Publique – Français


https://www.canada.ca/fr/sante-publique/services/maladies/2019-nouveau-coronavirus/reponse-canada/gouvernement-canada-prend-mesures-concernant-covid-19.html• Government of Canada – Public Health – English



To date, some dojos are continuing practice, some are modifying their practice (i.e., weapons only) and some have cancelled practiceand upcoming seminars. At this point in time there has not been a Health Canada recommendation the CAF can use to give direction for the dojos to follow.

The 2020 CAF Summer Camp page has some information specific to the upcoming Camp. Please continue to monitor that page for updates.

Furthermore, the Board respects each dojo’s intent to protect the health of its participants. Member dojos need to monitor their local authority’s recommendations diligently. This pandemic is forecast to be a long-term battle. After the immediate health of our participants is safe, dojos are advised to start thinking about their strategies to respond to the upcoming financial and operational effects of the virus.

The Board will continue with further updates to inform dojos so they can continue to make good decisions.

Dan Jones, President CAF