Coronavirus update

In view of the current situation with the coronavirus and in the interests of the safety of members, their friends and families, we will make a few changes to the dojo schedule.

As I mentioned previously, all children’s classes are cancelled for the next three weeks at least.

Starting tomorrow and for the immediate future, all classes will be weapons training — jo or bokken.

The 10 AM class on Saturday, March 15 will be an hour and a half long. The second class is canceled, But please be prepared to stay for a discussion of the situation.

Do not worry if you do not have a jo or bokken of your own – one will be loaned to you.

Don’t worry if you have no experience with this kind of practice… We will start at the beginner level.

Keep an eye on the monthly schedule posted on the website for any further changes. As well, we will send out emails promptly, advising you of the current schedule.

If you feel sick, even slightly, do not come to the dojo. If you have been in contact with someone who potentially has the  coronavirus, do not come to the dojo. In either case, I recommend that you seek medical attention and self-quarantine.

Please bear in mind that, especially in the early days, you can be spreading the disease without having any symptoms yourself.

If it looks like the dojo has been exposed to coronavirus, all classes will be canceled. If the authorities recommend that activities like ours be suspended, all classes will be canceled.

Check the website for an up-to-date schedule.

It’s a tough time and I don’t like making this decision, but we have to be realistic and reasonable.