One of the last great favours that Kawahara-sensei did for the CAF was arranging for Hayato Osawa-sensei to be his successor as Technical Director starting in 2011, and endowing a trust fund to support his visits.

Osawa-sensei has had an outstandingly positive influence on our Aikido community – brilliant technique, clear movement, able to deliver detailed explanations and assess students’ progress very astutely. He has supported us in every way possible, in a very engaging and friendly manner.

A few photographs…

2004: USAF summer camp, with Yumi Nakamura.
2011, Toronto. L to r: Pat Olson, Osawa-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Kenji Yoshimi.
2013(?) Osawa-sensei has worked tirelessly with the CAF Examination Committee to raise the technical standards in Canadian Aikido. L to r: Scott MacPhail, Alex Loo, Yumi Nakamura, Osamu Obata, osawa-sensei, Ishu Ishiyama, George Hewson, Fran Turner, Jim Barnes.
2013, Calgary.
2016. Kelowna. L to r: Vadim Katcherovski, Jim Barnes, Osawa-sensei, Adam Spitz, Yumi Nakamura.
2016, Halifax. Uke, Wil Wong.
2016, Halifax.
2017, Victoria . L to r: Ishu Ishiyama, Alex Loo, Wil Wong, Osawa-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Jim Barnes, Pat Olson.
2018, Calgary. Brad Myers takes Osawa-sensei for a spin in his Model T.
2018, Lake Louise. Dan Jones, Jim Barnes, Yumi Nakamura, Osawa-sensei, Steve Erickson.
2018. Banff. Jim Barnes, Osawa-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Steve Erickson.
2018, Toronto. Uke: Robert Fudge.
2018, Toronto. Uke (???)

2019, Quebec City. Yumi Nakamura, Osawa-sensei, David Mooney.