Yukio Kawahara-sensei was a teacher, mentor and friend, from the day I met him in Vancouver in 1977 until he passed in 2011. From that first day, he took me under his wing and demanded the best from me. He was a remarkable martial artist, and there are few of his caliber left. My debt to him is huge, and I miss him every time I step onto the mat.

1976 – With Yumi Nakamura (and R.C., Brian Mauchline’s dog.)
1977, Vanouver Aikikai yudansha: Yamagata-san, Dick Yao, Kawahara-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Sagawa-san.
1994, USAF summer camp. L to r,, Yumi Nakamura, Toby McGuigan, Greg Donskov, Karen Woon Sam, Kawahara-sensei, Don Bennett, Mary Singleton.
1994, Cooperstown. L to r, Kawahara-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Alex Loo, Anwar Sumar.
Mid-1990s, Samurai Club/Impact Centre in Toronto, teaching a seminar with Yamada-sensei. A long list of local students!
Samurai Club, Toronto, late 1990s, with Jim Barnes.
Early 2000’s, Waldorf Centre in Toronto. Front, l to r, Tom Lindsey, Kali Hewitt-blackie, Yumi Nakamura, Kawahara-sensei, Jim Barnes, Keira Loughren, Rob Carroll, Dennis Adair. Second row: Igor Sitartchouk, Denis Leblanc, Judy Wong. Back: Steve Jones, (???), Vadim Potanin, Sasha (???), Nick Petrescu, Renat Husnudinov, Ray Belanger, David Hsu.
2004, USAF summer camp (uke: Rob Carroll).
2004, BC summer camp, Kawahara-sensei, Jim Barnes.
2004, USAF summer camp. Front, l to r, Robb Wheatley, Jim Barnes, Yumi Nakamura, Kawahara-sensei, Rob Carroll, Alex Loo, Joel Poslus. Rear, Tony Leung, Sharon BAder, Michael Barker, Rika Murota, Mike McGuigan, Kali Hewitt-Blackie, (???), (???)
2007(?) BC summer camp: uke, Rob Carroll.
2008, BC summer camp: Front, Yumi Nakamura, Kawahara-sensei, Alex Loo, George Hewson. Rear, Jim Barnes, Mark Kajin, Rob Carroll, Michael Barker, Wil Wong, (???), Pasquale LaMontagna, Jo Ashley, Rika Murota.
2008: Sensei’s birthday at BC summer camp.
2010, BC summer camp.
2010, BC summer camp. Keira Loughren (with Emile), Yumi Nakamura, Kawahara-sensei, Jim Barnes, Rob Carroll.
2010, Visiting Fort York while in Toronto.
One of my favourite photos of Kawahara-sensei, 2010 (?) in Toronto.