Photos of the Shihan

I feel honoured to have learned from and in some cases enjoyed the friendship of a few of the senior Japanese shihan, students of O-sensei. Some of them I have only taken a single seminar (or even a single class) with. Others I have known for decades. A few that I owe a real debt for training, I have no pictures for.
Here are a few photos reflecting my contact with them over the years. (I have purposely omitted Yukio Kawahara-sensei and Hayato Osawa-sensei, who I will cover separately.)
Again, in many cases I don’t know who took these pictures. My sincere apologies for using them without acknowledgement. As well, I have forgotten some the names of some people in the photos, for which I apologize.

Yoshimitsu Yamada-sensei, 2016(?): l to r, Jim Barnes, Yamada-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Vadim Katcherovski.
Mitsunari Kanai-sensei (2003?): l to r, Elizabeth Flood, Kanai-sensei, Yumi Nakamura
Kazuo Chiba-sensei, 1994: l to r, Yumi Nakamura, Toby McGuigan, Chiba-sensei, Jim Barnes.
Nobuyoshi Tamura-sensei, 2004: with Jim Barnes.
Doshu, 1991: Doshu (then Waka-sensei) with Jobe Groot.
Doshu and Yukio-Kawahara-sensei, 2005: l to r, Jim Barnes, Sachiko Ueshiba, Doshu, Kawahara-sensei, Yumi Nakamura.
Seigo Yamaguchi-sensei, early 1990s: Jim Barnes, Yumi Nakamura, Dave Brown, Yamaguchi-sensei, Karen Woon-Sam, Rob Carroll.
Akira Tohei-sensei, late 1990s.
Seijuro Masuda-sensei: l to r, Jim Barnes, Rob Carroll, Elizabeth Flood, Yumi Nakamura, Alex Loo, Masuda-sensei, Pierre Fortin.
Kisaburo Osawa-sensei (mid-1980s): l to r, Shoji Seki-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Osawa-sensei, Yamada-sensei, Masako Nakatsugawa, Yukiko Katagiri.
Katsuyuki Shimamoto-sensei, 2010(?): l to r, Shimamoto-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Masako Nakatsugawa.
Shichiryodani-sensei, mid-2000s(?): The only people I remember from this shot are Shichiryodani-sensei sitting to my left and Tomasz (???) (far right).
Motohiro Fukakusa-sensei, 2011: l to r, Jim Barnes, Yukiko Katagiri, Fukakusa-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Osamu Obata.
Great shihan, 2004: Ichiro Shibata-sensei, Seiichi Sugano-sensei, Mitsunari Kanai-sensei, Penny Bernath, Yoshimitsu Yamada-sensei, Kazuo T. Chiba-sensei, Peter Bernath.