Photos from my Aikido career

Recently, Wil Wong asked me to post 10 photos related to my Aikido career without comment. I don’t normally do FB games, puzzles, contests etc. but Wil is a persuasive fellow.
Once I got into the process, I found myself enjoying it. I decided to add the comments here, for anyone interested. I will also add some additional pictures soon that didn’t make the cut, but that I wanted to share.
Obviously, most of the photos I am in were taken by someone else. In most cases, I have lost track of who that is. If that’s you, I apologize in advance for using your property without permission.

Training at summer camp, 1991. Sorry, I can’t remember anyone else in the photo.
1991, summer camp. Sitting, (l to r): Waka-sensei (now Doshu), Kawahara-sensei, Yumi Nakamura. Standing: Robert Zimmermann, Jim Barnes, Dave Brown, Jim Wright, Al Bowman, Judy Wong, Joel Posluns, Alex Loo.
Late 1990s Sitting, l to r: Peter Waxer, Earl Tucker, Greg Donskov, David Cheung, Gary Bist. Uke unknown.
Late 1990s, BC summer camp. L to r: Elizabeth Flood, JIm Barnes, Kanai-sensei, Yumi Nakamura, Alex Loo.
1984, Toronto Aikikai. Sorry, can’t remember a few of the names. Sitting, l to r: Pascal Dennis, Yumi Nakamura, Fran Turner, Carol Mark, Robert Zimmerman, (back) Marie Hori, (front) Judy Wong, Dennis Adair, Jean Aubin, Jim Woods, Deb Derbyshire, (back) Trish (???), front, Donna Harris, Jim Barnes, Gisele (???), Elana Joram. Standing, Tom Chong, Greg Long, Alex Loo, Rob Carroll, Al Bowman, Roy Smith, Brian Campbell, (???), Ahmed Doo.
2018, Montreal seminar. Jim Barnes, Yamada-sensei.
2010, Kawahara-sensei memorial seminar. L to r: MIke Roth, JIm Barnes, Michael Barker.
2013(?) CAF Examination Committee. L to r: Scott MacPhail, Alex Loo, Yumi Nakamura, Osamu Obata, Osawa-sensei, Ishu Ishiyama, George Hewson, Fran Turner, Jim Barnes.
2012, Aikido Hokuryukai. Uke: Igor Sitartchouk.
1977, Vancouver Aikikai. Front, l to r: Kate McCandless, Brian Mauchline, (???), (???), Kawahara-sensei, Ken (???), Tak Yamaguchi. Back, l to r: (???), Ron Harder, (???), Reg Bartosh, Jim Barnes, (???), (???).
2020, Aikido Hokuryukai. Sitting, l to r: Aubrie Appel, Marco Racco, Yumi Nakamura, Jim Barnes, Tom Lindsey, Vadim Potanin, Eduard Pelikh. Standing: Alex Vlasov, Alex Kolovskiy, Negar Sabouri, Irina Semenekhine, Jonathon Stefan, Farshid Sabouri, Tibor Bodor, Vadim Katcherovski, Yaroslav Burneiko, Andrei Semenekhin, Moises Rincon, Arunas Tamkevicius.